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We celebrate our unique culture and landmarks

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We are proud of our reputation as one of the best places to live in Tennessee.

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We promote our neighbors and businesses

Collierville Living EAST MEMPHIS LIVING

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We tell positive stories bringing people and businesses closer together.

Our magazine is delivered free monthly to select neighborhoods.

Features & Highlights

Meet Your Neighbors

Everyone has a story buried and waiting to be brought to the surface. Highlighting local people creates so much excitement within our community. Get to know your neighbors through our special Neighbor Spotlight Sections!

Strengthening our Community

Celebrating our neighbors through positive storytelling is the best way to bring people closer together. We put the spotlight on individuals to build relationships that support local businesses, while providing the best resources and recommendations to readers.

Highlighting Families

Each month, local people and families are featured on the Magazine’s cover, which contributes to an 89.4% open-rate. When you see someone recognizable on the cover of your favorite neighborhood magazine, you’ve just got to read it! Cover Features are the most popular section of the Magazine, which ensures that sponsor’s messages are seen. Families enjoy a free professional photoshoot with our photographer, along with extra Magazine copies and social media bragging rights!

Employees, Educators & Specialists

Animal Shelter Partners

We work directly with the Collierville Animal Shelter each month to drive awareness around all the animals who need a home. Keep checking back to see the latest message from the CAS!

Chef Spotlights

Local restaurants like The Highlander Scottish Pub offer incredible dining experiences. Meeting the Chef and hearing Tyler’s story creates so much more interest than a post, tag, or an ad. Not only will readers learn more about the restaurant and the Chef- they’ll also learn how to make one of Highlander’s entrées at home. Hook Point Brewery even chimes in to make the perfect beer pairing suggestion!

Real Estate Updates

See what’s selling, who’s buying, and get tips & information that’s useful for homeowners- brought to you by our Real Estate Sponsor.

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Monthly calendar of events for our Collierville and East Memphis neighbors.

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We make Magazines that we like to read. Having spoken to several Chefs, the next question we asked ourselves was, “Where do the best ingredients come from?” It turns out the Ridgeway Country Club orders fresh fish from The Honolulu Fish Company in Hawaii. The CEO of HFC was kind enough to speak with us about his business in Honolulu which supplies over 16,000 restaurants in the country with the highest quality sashimi-grade fish available. Interest pieces like this make us appreciate our community even more!

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Hayes Hora, Founder & Publisher of Collierville Living Magazine

I am an ex-officio board member of Collierville’s Tourism Commission as well. I am so proud to be working to build the Collierville community with this amazing platform.  We tell your story and the story of Collierville in every issue.  We truly bring businesses and our neighbors together.
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Emily Clemmer,
Content Coordinator

I work behind the scenes of Collierville Living Magazine! I look forward to learning more about our neighbors and telling their stories! I hope that our publication will become a meaningful resource to connect you with our Collierville community. I’m passionate about education and sports, and I am always looking for new story ideas!
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Karla Bailey, your San Francisco Bay Area Graphic Designer

I’m also a professional freelance designer who can help with logo/branding, sales and marketing collateral, social media platforms, advertisements, annual reports, newsletters, and trade show materials. If you have an upcoming project, please feel free to give me a call for a no-obligation estimate.
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